Brave – new phone wallpaper to download

brave_phone wallpaper_(c) Maggy from gardenanddecoration
BRAVE – Is not just doing heroic things.

We often don’t call ourself brave, because from our point of view it’s nothing special. Not extraordinary enough.
But, bravery has so many faces and can be found in so many aspects of our lives.

Brave, is going back to school to get a diploma.
Brave is getting out of an abusive relationship and starting from zero.
Brave, is starting a business and believing in yourself – when no one else does.
Brave, is the single parent who does the best for the kids and works one’s ass off.
Brave, is leaving your country and having the hope that live will be better in a different one.
And just in case you don’t see it, take this reminder and use it as your new wallpaper. 😊

Click here to download this lovely wallpaper for free. 🙂


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