DIY: Handpainted leafy illustration

DIY_Leafy piece of art_by Maggy from

It’s Sa(r)turday again 😀 and that means another DIY idea for a handpainted picture for you home. It is again a simple to do idea everyone can do – no matter if you think that you are not an artist.

You need white paper, a black marker and a green crayon. Start by drawing the outlines of the branches and the leaves. Then, fill the inner part of the leaves with lines and dots. (Thicker lines at the bottom of the leaves and dots at the top.)

DIY_Leafy handillustration_by Maggy from

Use the green crayon to fill out the inside of the leaves.

DIY_Leafy handillustration_by Maggy from gardenanddecoration

Now it’s finished. Time to put it in a frame or hang it like a poster on your wall.
(I used a broken frame – without the glass – and stick my painting on the wall with double faced adhesive tape.)

That’s it for today 🙂 enjoy creating and ’till next time,

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