DIY: Handy recycling ideas to keep your desk better organized

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I love reusing and recycling things in and around the house and always try to find ways to reduce waste and buy less things.

So, for this easy diy project I just had to look inside the pantry and take the things out which were already or nearly empty. Therefore, I used an empty canned fish can and a cereal box.

Beside the empty things, you’ll also need a pair of scissors, wrapping paper and/or washi tape and glue.

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Luckily I found this tropical looking washi tape a few weeks ago and I thought to myself this could be the right theme I want to have on my desk. So, I went for it and used it to wrap it around the can. And voilà, it looks great. Perfect to store small things in it.

You can use different washi tapes to create more of these storage cans. And yes, you should definitively wash the cans with some sope and let it dry before you stick anything on them. 😉

DIY_Recycling idea with household items_container_by

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I used the same washi tape for the cereal box. And therefore I cut the box in half before I sticked the tape on it. Instead of using washi tape, you can also glue the wrapping paper on the box, let it dry and use it as a storage box.

DIY_Recycling idea with household items_box_by

I hope this easy diy idea gives you some inspiration to try out something new.


Start recycling today, for a better future 🙂

P.s.: For more recycling ideas, click here.

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