DIY: Reused paper bags as wastebin

DIY_Reused paper bags as wastebin_by

I like reducing waste even if it’s just a tiny thing you can do. So, because I write about do-it-yourself ideas on my blog and how you can reuse things, I would like to show you a quick and decorative idea for your home.

It’s really simple and all you need is a plain and unprinted paper bag (you get those somethimes when shopping or as gift bags) and a black marker. You can also use coloured markers or even acrylic paint to give it more colour.

But, because I wanted to keep my bags in the same style, I only used a black marker.

DIY_Reused paper bags as wastebin_by

I needed a new waste bin for my room and for the working space. Perfect to store and you can change the look of the “bin” even according to the seasons 😉 . So, I wanted to keep them not just in the same style, but also nearly same theme. Which is nature. For the bin in my room, I drew a monstera leave and for the desk space some flowers.

Now, go ahead and try it out. 🙂

Reuse more often,


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