Easy made potato salad

easy made potatosalad

Here´s a new easy recipe for those who don´t want to waste too much time with cooking but still want something healthy to eat. And I was really hungry but didn´t have much ingredients, but I had potatoes 😀 .

For  1 person you´ll need:
~ 5 bigger potatoes
~ Salt
~ Olive oil
~ Spring onions
~ Olives
~ Tuna
(you could, of course use something else as ingredients)

Step 1: Wash the potatoes and boil them in water where you added 2 table spoons of salt for around 20 minutes.
easy made potatosaladStep 2: Peel off the potatoe skin and let them cool down. Afterwards cut them into cubes. Cut the springonions into pieces and add them to the potatoes cubes. I also cut the olives into pieces. And I also added some tiny chunks of tuna. Finally, stir everything with a salad spoon and add a tablespoon of olive oil.

easy made potatosalad

In the end, I added two tablespoons of French dressing (because I didn´t have vinegar).


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