3 fairy lights ideas for your home

Fairy lights ideas for your home
It’s still winter outside and that means it’s getting darker before you have even arrived at home (after work). I usually like to make these comfortless ‘days’ more cosy. The best way to do so, is a cosy blanket and the right lights. Especially when it comes to the time before going to sleep I like to switch off the bright lights and and switch on the softer lights. That includes also fairy lights 😀 . I love them!
This post is for all of you who share my passion for these tiny lights. 🙂

1. Fairy lights behind glass

Fairy lights ideas for your home_lights in jar
I even have extra small fairy lights to put them in my handluggage when I travel. Add a glass or a jar and voilà… feels like home.

Fairy lights ideas for your home_Lights in a glass

2. Wall art

The next idea is perfect for your bedroom when you want to be a bit romantic.

Fairy lights ideas for your home_heart light
Do you want to play around, what about this idea? 😀

Fairy lights ideas for your home_illuminated ladder

Or, maybe a bit more colour? Here’s an idea with colourful Christmas lights – perfect for the festive time.

Christmas lights used in the bedroom for decoration

So, have fun and try some out. 🙂

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