How to draw a floral b&w picture

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How to draw a floral picture

In my third post about creating your own pictures I showed you an easy idea how you can use a black marker to draw a moon. In this post you will see, you I created the picture above. As you might already know, I love flowers. 🙂 So, above you will see a video how you can draw the same floral picture.

And again all you need for this drawing is a pencil, white paper, a rubber and a black marker. Start with the sketch, by drawing the flowers in the way you want them to look. Then use the black marker for the outlines. Afterwards, draw the details (like the flower umbels and the leaves). The dark background can be your next to last step (or your last one) – it doesn´t really matter. My last step was drawing the details with very thin lines and a lot of dots. 😀

So, go ahead and try it out. 🙂

How to draw a floral picture_gif


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