Look up at the stars – not down at your feet

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Look up at the stars - not down at your feet.

This is my quote for the year 2020, because I think I had enough. I’m fed up with self-doubt, I’m fed up with listening too much to other people telling me I’m not good enough. And worst of all, I’m fed up with believing them. So, my resolution for this year will be: Look up at the stars – not down at your feet.

And if you are following me on instagram, you might have found this picture I came up with. I’ve created it in the process of becoming aware, that there is much more out there and also inside me. One of the reasons why people look down at their feet is that they are insecure and that they are full of self-doubt (well, that’s what I think).

For me, this picture became a metaphor for stopping that negative belief and starting to see all the possibilities which are out there. And you my friend should do that, too.

All the best for 2020!




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