Natural decoration idea made with thistles

Natural decoration ideaToday I had a walk outside (yes, despite the cold and wet weather) and I had collected some thistles. They were growing right near the walking path and they looked kind of interesting. And I was thinking about using them in my next project. In my opinion there is not much color out there in the winter season. That is why I wanted to paint them. I used yellow acrylic paint and a soft small sponge for applying the color to the thistles.
Natural decoration idea_how to doYou just have to dip the sponge in the color and dab the spikes of the thistles carefully with the sponge.

Natural decoration idea_how to doAfterwards, let them dry.
And now arrange them in a small vase and put them where you see them everyday. Colors lift your mood in the winter season! 🙂

Natural decoration idea_finished product
P.S.: You can collect more thistles and paint them with different colors and you have a colorful ‘bouquet’.

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