Simple and creative wall decoration idea

Creative wall decoration ideaI still had some leftover vinyl records I didn´t know what to do with. Therefore, I needed a simple idea. And because one of the walls in the living room looks so empty, I wanted to create a wall decoration. I once saw a similar picture and now I wanted to recreate it. It really takes you just a few minutes – not even half an hour.

What you need:
* a pair of scissors
* double-faced adhesive tape
* black colored paper
* black cord
* some old vinyl records
* Blu-Tack reusable adhesive

Creative wall decoration idea_how to doFirstly, you have to cut out from the black colored paper the silhouette of a girl (or boy, whatever you want). I made a rough silhouette from white paper first, cut that out and drew the outline on the black paper afterwards. Then you have to cut out the silhouette and stick some stripes of the double-faced adhesive tape on the back side. Now, press the silhouette on the wall – it will instantly stick to this. And you can easily peel it off, when the decoration is no longer wanted. Take some centimeters from the black cord and fix them also with double-faced adhesive tape on the wall.

Creative wall decoration ideaNow, stick some stripes of the Blu-Tack reusable adhesive on the back side of the vinyl records. Press them strongly on the wall. And you have a new artwork 🙂 .

So, let´s fly away….

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