Upcycling idea: Decorated desk cabinet

DIY_Upcycled desk cupboard_by gardenanddecoration.com

Today I show you a quick and simple DIY idea you can do with cabinets or cupboards which have glass doors you can nearly see through.

For this idea, you’ll need a piece of (white) paper, some markers and (washi) tape.

Firstly, you have to measure which part of the glass should be covered with your drawing. Therefore, you hold the paper in front of the glass section and draw some thin lines where the corners are. But, add 1 cm more – so that the lines should be 1cm from the corner.

Then, draw whatever you want within the space you have marked the corners.

DIY_Upcycled desk cupboard

Lastly, stick your drawing from the inside of the furniture with tape – so that the drawing can be seen from outside.

And that’s it – super easy upcycling or beautifying idea for a piece of furnite. 🙂

‘Till next time,Maggy

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