Visiting the botanical garden in Kiel, Germany

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To me flowers are happyness.

Yes, absolutely. To me, flowers are happiness. 🙂

Therefore, when I travel I like to find the little gems. And where can you find the best examples? Right, in a botanical garden. 😀 So, here are some pictures of the botanical garden in the city of Kiel, Northern Germany.

Flower medley in the botanical garden of Kiel, Germany

Usually, the botanical gardens in Germany have the same system. For instance, different areas representing a continent or a vegetation zone (alpine region, swampland or sand dunes). Same in the botanical garden in Kiel. You will find hundreds of plants from all over the world, within eight hectares land.

Alpine garden in the botanical garden in Kiel, Germany

Find your way to differend countries and regions, along paths with a total length of 10 kilometres.

Path with greenery in the botanical garden of Kiel, Germany

By the way, the botanical garden in Kiel was founded 1660 by Johann Daniel Major (professor for theoretical medicine and botany at the University of Kiel). It moved five time its location until it was finally constructed at this place.

Grass in the botanical garden in Kiel, Germany

Reason to go there?
Well, if you are a nature and plant lover like me and it happens that you are in Kiel, go there. Wonderful in spring and summer. Full in bloom, different colours and smells. Oh yes, and it´s not overcrowded 😉 .

Greenery in the botanical garden of Kiel, Germany

Do you want to read more about this botanical garden? Go over to their website.




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