♥ Why only on Valentine´ s Day? ♥


So, what is this thing with Valentine´s Day? Everyone freaks out and doesn’t know what to do or what to buy. I can’t understand why you have to show your love for someone on a specific day. It´s not even “your” day. So why not showing your loved one that you care and love him or her on an ordinary day. Like today or tomorrow or on 25th of April. Why not making an ordinary day a special day. And don´t forget that the small things can have a bigger impact than the big ones.

It can be cooking his or her favourite meal.

Leave cute notes around the house or hide them. It will be a lovely surprise.

Be more creative. 🙂

Well, the best idea is still, to spend some time together.

comic(See more of this cute drawings from Philippa Rice)


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