How to buy the right flowers?

buy right flowers

Do you want to buy flowers for Valentine´s Day or also for any other occasion? And do you know that situation when you are staying in front of some flowers and you don´t know if they are the right ones and how long they are lasting and should you better buy the more expensive ones?
Yes, it´s not easy to decide. But, here are some tips for you which might help you.

  1. When you buy your flowers from a florist shop, always ask which one have just recently arrived. It´s like with your food – you also buy the freshest and not expired ones.
  2. Don´t buy flowers for a special occasion the last minute. You will have a wider variety to choose from when you start looking for THE ones before that special event.
  3. Most of the flower shops restock on Monday mornings. So, that´s the best day to place an order.
  4. If you want to know how fresh a rose is, you just have to look close at the bottom of the blossom. How many outside petals have been removed? The less ripped petals you see, the fresher it is.
  5. You should look at the stems and foliage from flowers. They should not be dry, mushy and withered
  6. Also, check if a bouquet or single flowers are opened. If they are already open you don´t know how long they have been in that stadium. If just a few are opened it´s ok. With this tip you can also buy flowers from the supermarket.
  7. But avoid buying those flowers (especially roses) in supermarkets which are still tightly wrapped with an elastic band and wrappped with a plastic foil. It might be that the flowers may never open fully. (I made this experience once it was a real pity.
  8. That´s why you should always wrap your flower bouquet with paper (use an old piece of newspaper). The paper also keeps the flowers longer humid at the ends.
  9. Bring them home as quickly as possible and put them in a vase with fresh water.
  10. Last one and maybe an important tip when you are thinking about buying flowers for another person: which colour should the flowers have? Do you know the favourite colour of your donee? Also if you want to buy flowers for yourself. Which one do you like?

I hope these 10 tips can help you to find and to buy the right flowers. Leave me a comment if you have more tips.

buy right flowers

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