3 ideas how to use lemons in your daily life

How to use lemons in your lifeA lemon can be a little all-rounder because it contains a lot of vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, phosphor, calcium and vegetable proteines. It is said that it helps your digestion and metabolism. It has antibacterial and antiphlogistic properties.

And here are three ideas for using lemons in your daily life:

1) So just in case you got a cold, drink some tea with one slice of lemon and add a teaspoon of honey. Or in the summer time you can drink some lemonade or just water with one added slice of lemon. (No sugar!)

2) You can use half of a lemon like deodorant. Rub the half under your armpits and wait half a minute until you wash it off. (Yes, it works!)

3) Make a face mask out of the other half of the lemon. You´ll need to press out the juice of 1/2 lemon and add two tablespoons of honey. Apply the paste on your face and wait for 20 minutes until you wash it off. You´ll see how soft your skin will become.

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