7 tips to overcome the winter season in Europe

How to overcome winter season

Darker and colder days, that´s winter for me. To be honest, I can´t cope with both. These months you’ll be shivering, get mad because you won´t see the sun after work and you go to work in the dark. The festive time in December is your rescuer for the first month, but what about the next ones?

Well, if you are a sun, warmth loving person like me, these seven tips could help you to overcome the winter season.

Tip Nr. 1
“There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.” This saying was and is always true. (Not just important during winter!) From day one when temperatures go under 10°C I don’t leave the house without the long thermo underwear. Best thing I’ve invested in the last couple of years. 😀 If necessary, I wear two layers of socks, put on some boots (up to the calves). A long scarf so that you can even cover up mouth and nose (if necessary). Make use of the “more layer principle”: wear a top, a T-shirt, a blouse, a cardigan…
Don’t forget the gloves! It´s so important to keep your hands warm.
And last but not least, invest in a really good coat/jacket. A (feather) down jacket which covers at least your bum. Missed the bus and you have to wait for the next one? Believe me, a long down jacket could be a lifesaver. A bonus tip: buy one with a hood and pockets!

Tip Nr. 2
This might sound contradictory, but from time to time you have to get out, because you still need Vitamin D and a lot of fresh air. The weekends are perfect for doing this. No rush and you have enough time to prepare yourself. Make sure to follow Nr. 1 for this. You could go ice-skating, skiing (if you have the opportunity), a long walk or even hiking in a winter wonderland. Have fun, build a snowman or create a snow angel. 😀
Chiembau mountainsTip Nr. 3
Now, you have deserved a cosy place! For this try the Scandinavian hygge-style. I love this cute word hygge (“hue-ga”). It’s hard to translate it in one word…You can say it’s the “warm and cosy feeling you experience when you enjoy something. This could be a nice dinner with your friends at your place with some good talks while feasting on your self-cooked meal by candle-light. Or, read a book while wrapped in a cosy plaid blanket and drink some hot-cocoa or tea. 🙂

Tip Nr. 4
Treat yourself, with a spa, if necessary. There’s nothing better, than sitting in a bathtub filled with hot/warm and fragrant water. If you don’t have a bathtub, you can have a footbath. It´s nearly the same…but just smaller. At least you can have your footbath while watching TV or reading a book 😉 .

Tip Nr. 5
A Nordic amenity which needs to be mentioned, is the sauna. One of the most important inventions for the winter season. 😀 If you have the opportunity to go to one, do it! If you have your own, lucky you. The hot air will relax your muscles in your body and it´s also good for your immune system.

Tip Nr. 6
Don’t forget to protect your skin. Mostly, winter is a hard time for your skin. Therefore, make sure to give a lot of moisture back to your skin. Apply some extra face cream before leaving the house and use also lip balm.
Don’t forget the hand cream! I am a sensitive to cold person and if I don´t apply hand cream on my hands every day, I get chapped skin. (A few years ago it was so bad, that it even started to bleed.) So, make sure treat your skin the way it deserves.

Tip Nr. 7
Last tip is the goody! Go on vacation. If you have the time (and money) go for a longer vacation – not just for one week. Best time for this: between February and April. Why not earlier? Well, December is the festive holiday, January is the real nice winter time with first snow and everything is a winter wonderland. But, afterwards…it all gets comfortless, muddy, wet AND cold. Too much to cope with. A trip will break up the monotony, give you a reason to look forward to the next couple of months and give you good memories, too.
(April will give you deceitful hopes, because you think it’s finally spring. But, April fool hoax: it might snow again.)

I hope these tips can help you get through the winter season here in Europe. 🙂


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