Artful flower arrangement with tulips

colorful tulip arrangementWe all know that we neek color in our life – especially during winter season. Therefore, I wanted to create a colorful and cute flower arrangement for the living room. I used a pottery cake pan (Gugelhupf pan) as a vase. You’ll also need floral foam, a sharp knife and some colorful tulips. I bought 20 tulips in light pink and 10 white ones.

colorful tulip arrangement

How to do?

First step: Fill the inside of the “vase” with pieces of floral foam. (I had to cut more pieces because a squared one was not enough.)

colorful tulip arrangementSecond step: Fill in some water.

colorful tulip arrangementThird step: Use the sharp knife to cut the tulips to the length you want.
colorful tulip arrangementFourth step: Now, put in the cut tulips. I started with the light pink ones.
colorful tulip arrangementcolorful tulip arrangementFifth step: Now fill in the gaps with the white tulips.

Lastly, I arranged two green twigs around the flower arrangement and voilá: The finished artwork. 🙂
colorful tulip arrangement
Total price for the arrangement: 7€.

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