Did you know that…

…colours have more impact on you and your mood than you think?

Which are your favourite colours? Do you think that some colours fit you better than others? Have you thought about the fact that you will never go to a job interview wearing red? What colours do you mostly have in your home? How did you paint your walls? And why do we want colours when winter is finally over?

Yes, colours have an influence on our daily life and on decisions we make. Sometimes you choose a colour on purpose but most decisions are made subconsciously.

Every colour has a meaning or rather your brain suggests it. Black, for instance, is said to stay for power and modernity. While blue gives you a feeling of peace and tranquility and green seems calming and stands for freshness.

Last week I have undergone one of those colour analysis tests where you can find out what season type you are. It was really interesting, because now I know why I don´t like some colours and why I love others. And also why I can’t wear some of them and others flatter me more. For instance, I can’t wear orange because it makes me look more pale and somehow sick. 😀

Are you a spring, summer, autumn or winter type? Spring and autumn are in the same group, while winter and summer are in a different one. You have to look on the colour of your eyes, hair and if your skin tone is more bluish (summer/winter)  or more yellowish-brown (spring/autumn).

So, summer/winter have a cool undertone, while spring/autumn have a warm undertone. To find out which undertone you have, you can use an aluminium foil or a gold foil which you put around your shoulders. Do you see the difference? How does your skin look like? What about your teeth? Do you look fresh or too pale? Which one works better for you? (You can have a look at this youtube-video maybe you’ll understand it better.)

Based on this test you’ll know if you are a cool or warm type. Gold means you need warm colours and silver stands for cool colours. And now you can move on in order to find out which season works best for you.

seasonsHave fun 🙂 .


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