DIY: Handmade pom pom twigs

DIY: Pom pom twigs_by

Yeah, bring more colour to your life and your home. 🙂 That’s what I though before I created this colourful decoration for my room. This is a really simple diy idea you can do on your own – or together with kids.

Collect some twigs when going for a walk or from your garden. You’ll also need a liquid glue and colourful pom poms (I bought them in a craft shop).

What you´ll need for the pom pom twigs

Then, you just have to glue the pom poms on the twigs.

How to do colourful pom pom twigs_by

Press each pom pom for a few seconds until they stick on the wood. After you’ve glued the pom poms on the twigs you can arrange them in a small vase or a glass. You see, super easy diy! 🙂

The finished pom pom twigs_by

Enjoy your weekend,

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