DIY: Homemade lip scrub

Homemade lip scrub

I know, usually Sunday is my beauty-spa-day, but I din’t want to wait 😀 . Also why not break a habit and reward yourself whenever the time is right with a self-care day? You see. So, as I’ve told you in one of my previous posts about the winter issue, I have very dry skin during winter season – especially the lips. Therefore, today it’s time to take care of those. If you have dry lips, because you are not hydrating yourself enough, this might help you, too.

Firstly, remove your dead skin on the lips with a wet washcloth. Then, prepare your homemade lip scrub. You’ll just need a small bowl, 1 teaspoon of sugar and 2 teaspoons of honey. Add the sugar and the honey into your bowl and stir everything up until you have a rough-grained texture.

Homemade lip scrub

Apply the mixture on your lips with your forefinger and rub it on your lips gently. The sugar helps removing your dead skin. Afterwards, wipe off the scrub from your lips with your wet washcloth. (I like to use a soft tooth brush after using the sugar scrub, too. But be very gentle and move it around in circular motions.)

At the end don’t forget to apply a lot of lipbalm on your lips – for the soft finishing 😉 .


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