It’s tea o’clock – Part 2: Facts about tea

tea made me do it

Previously I wrote an article “facts about tea“. So, I thought it’s time for the next part about this topic. I’ve been sick for the last couple of days (with a sore throat, headache and no appetite) – you know it. It is said, that tea has healing powers. At least, that’s what my grandmother always told me when I was sick as a child. But do you know that there’s a tea for nearly every mood? Well, here’s what I’ve found out through researching:

Tea for every mood

I think you might agree with some of them, like black tea. I once drank black tea without noticing it (after dinner) and I couldn’t fall asleep the whole night 😀 . So, that’s true: drink black tea with your breakfast and you will start your day quicker. It’s also, by the way, a good alternative to coffee.
Take time to make your soul happyDid you know, that real tea are all the ingrediences from a teaplant (Camellia sinensis)? Effectively all parts of this plant can be used for making tea: blossoms, buds, leaves, stems. Green and black tea are from this plant. Just the mode of production makes the difference. Leaves from green tea are just dried, heated or steamed. While leaves for black tea have to react with oxygen – that’s how they get the black colour. Easier said, they have to ferment. The now famous Matcha, is tea made of green tea powder.

Green tea consists, by the way, of more caffeine than black tea. But, the caffeine in green tea unfolds slower and more gently. Also good to know: black tea has to be made with 95°C hot water and green tea is not allowed to be made with boiling water (therefore, under 80°C).

quick tip for tea

  • If you have tea which is not put in a teabag, you should keep this in a dry, light-tight and cool place (e.g. inside a closable box). Flavoured tea should be kept separately, because tea can easily transfer odours. Therefore, don´t keep them together with your spices. Some tea varieties can keep their flavor up to three years.
  • The form of the tea pot is very important for the quality of your tea, because it needs room to fully unfold. Buy a bigger teapot with a tiny spout to prevent cooling down too quickly.
  • Also important, don’t use the same teapot for green and black tea.
  • If you don’t have tea in teabags, use a tea infuser. (It saves you time 😉 )
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