DIY: Handmade cards to show your love ♥

Handmade hearty cards_by

Well, it’s February, and we all know what time it is, right? Strangly, the only day you want to show your love to someone special (?). I don’t think so.

And therefore, I want to show you some handmade cards I did in the last couple of years for different occasions with a hearty theme. And remember – Valentine’s Day should not be the only day to show your love and appreciation. 🙂

Written words

Let’s start with these cards I did for my 60s themed wedding invitation post:

Six handmade cards on a table_by

Crafted cards

Here’s a diy idea done with white paper and orange coloured washi tapes.

I love you_orange handmade card

Drawn cards

This one could be just perfect for a tea lover 🙂

Paper card with a cute drawn teabag


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