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I have those days… when you can’t motivate yourself and nothing works how you want it. My mood is not the best, let’s say it. Of course, the weather outside doesn’t help a lot. And from time to time I just have to motivate myself to get back on track and not to give up. We all need to do that, right? Otherwise nothing will happen.

So, last month I´ve made a reminder and pinned it on my wall. It shall remind me, to push away all those negative thoughts. Somehow it slightly works, because I believe that you can train your mindset. And every time a negative thought pops up, I tell myself… let it go … (Most of the time it works 😉 .)

Life gets so much better when you cut the negative bullshit out

For me it feels like this month will be a tough one. We all have those days and phases, I know… But, we have to overcome those days. I for myself try to do those things I like most: traveling and painting. 🙂

Last night I struggled with falling asleep and because it didn’t want to just stay in bed until I finally fall asleep… I got up and switched on my laptop and my drawing programme. I started with a grey rain cloud and after a while I remembered the colourful raindrop mobile I made last summer. Therefore, I changed my version into a more colourful painting and transformed some of the drops into hearts. (We all need some love 🙂 .)

The watermelon idea came after I’ve found some fruit paintings. After three hours of having no thoughts and just working on my lovely project… I finished it and just stared at it for nearly five minutes. Wow… I made this?! My first colour illustration …and I felt so proud. That night I decided two things: I have to print it out and this is what I want to do. Not just as a hobby, because I choose to be happy!

Do you want to be happy, too? I’m interested in hearing about your opinions. Please, leave me a comment below and tell me what makes you happy or what you would like to do to be happy.

And if you like my painting, I have good news for you. I give it to you as a gift. You can download it here for free as a PDF.
Print it out, frame it or use it as your background for your phone… whatever you do… choose to be happy and turn your greys into colour! ?

(P.S.: First decision: done! Next one… to be continued.)

Framed choose happy picture

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