Take off and rise

airplane take offSometimes life is not easy. There are a lot of difficulties and obstacles. You are just so tired and fed up when things aren’t working. Or, when everything and everyone seems to be working against you. I came to that point when I though that it’s too much I can handle. And in such times when I am looking for something what could motivate me… coincidence leads me to the right thing. And in this case it was again a quote. A quote from Richard Branson. And when I though about this quote, it became clear. Of course, an airplane needs the wind/air from the other direction – physics tought us that. But, metaphorical the wind stands for all your obstacles and difficulties. And you need all that *** to take off and rise. Sometimes it needs more and sometimes it needs less time. But in the end you are looking down and it becomes clear how far you have come.


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