Snowman Olaf inspired decoration ideas

What’s winter without snow? Because there was not enough snow this winter and I really wanted to build a snowman, I had to create one 🙂 . The simplest ideas are always made just with paper, thus I came up with some simple ideas you can easily do on your own (or together with your children 😉 ).

For your window

snowman made out of paperFor this smiling snowman which can be displayed on your window, you’ll need:
* white paper (A3 or A2 sheet)
* a pair of scissors (and nail scissors for the filigree work)
* double faced adhesive tape
* a pencil
snowman made out of paperStep 1: Use the pencil and draw your snowman.
snowman made out of paperStep 2: Cut out the outline of the snowman with the regular pair of scissors and use the nail scissors e.g. for the eyes, mouth and buttons.
snowman made out of paperStep 3: Take some tiny stripes of double faced adhesive tape and put it on the snowman. Now, press the snowman on the window. It will stick there as long as you want.
If you like, you can make some small paper stars and stick them also on the window (here is the tutorial).

Snowman in front of the Nymphenburg Palace, MunichAnd this is my snowman creation. Well, maybe he looks a bit strange 😀 but at least he has a nice view.

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