Visiting the Glücksburg Castle in Northern Germany

Glücksburg Castle, Germany

First I thought I just post one of my pic of the week pictures. But then I thought… nay … I should write a bit more about it and give you an introduction to this kind of castle. So, the picture above shows the Glücksburg Castle in the town of Glücksburg, Northern Germany.

It is a water castle and one of the most important Renaissance castles in Northern Europe. (You will find a lot of these types in France.) Characteristic for this castle are the four towers on each corner. Each one with a diameter of seven metres (22 feet).

Glücksburg Castle, Germany_entrance

The castle was built at the site of a former Cistercian monastery in the late 16th century by Nikolaus Karies for Johann the Younger, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg. For the construction they used the bricks from the demolished monastery. So, a lot of history in there! 😀

Glücksburg Castle, Germany_back side with bridge

Of course, the surrounding had to be flooded to create a large pond, which nearly surrounds the whole castle. Its mainly reason was a defence structure, but it was also used for fishing.

Glücksburg Castle with pond, Germany

And of course – no castle without a garden. 😀 The first one was created 1622 as a kitchen garden. So, mainly used for growing and harvesting what was needed in the kitchen.

Garden view at Glücksburg Castle, Germany

Glücksburg Castle, Germany_house with letter box

Just after 1706 other types of gardens were created. Amongst them, a pleasure garden, a rose grden and a baroque garden. Even an orangery was constructed in 1743. (Yes, the place they put in orange trees and other exotic plants during winter season.) Nowadays, it is used for concerts and art expositions.

Garden view of the Glücksburg Castle, Germany

Today, the Glücksburg Castle is a museum, owned by a foundation. (So, no longer inhabited by the ducal family.)

Why I like it?
Being a fan of gardens, of course my reason was to stroll around and between the greenery. It’s a nice place to relax and enjoy your homemade sandwiches with such a lovely view. 🙂

View to the pond of Glücksburg Castle, Germany

For more information, like opening hours, go over to the official website of the castle.




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