What to do with an empty tissue box?

empty tissue box

I always complain about havint too much packaging for every product we buy. But I always look on them and ask myself if I could reuse or recycle it. So, this time I came up with some ideas for an empty tissue box.

Nr. 1: Store plastic bags in your empty tissue box.
empty tissue boxWe all know that problem, that one of our kitchen drawer is filled up with those plastic bags you get after shopping. Use your empty tissue box (or any other box) to store them. For this one I wanted to make it look a bit nicer. Therefore, I took a gift wrapping paper and covered the tissue box with it. It took me just 5 minutes to make it.

empty tissue box

Nr. 2: Use it for storing small items in it

empty tissue boxYou´ll just need paper, a pair of scissors, glue and cellotape.

empty tissue box

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