Winter season type

Thinking about the right colours for the winter season imagine a cold winter day. Which colours do you see? White, black, fir green and ice-blue. People who belong to the winter season should wear colours with a blue undertone and clear, cool colours. A winter season type is often looking like Snow White 😀 . Cool skin, dark hair (or silver-grey) and dark-brown, grey-blue/clear-blue or cool-green eyes.

The following colour palette contains your winter colours. But if you don´t like one of them you must not wear or buy it. Also perfect for you is silver jewellery, white pearls and everything sparkling (like diamonds or rhinestones).

What you should avoid are yellow-brown undertoned colours and orange!

I am a winter-season-type and after undergoing this test I looked through all my clothes and took all those out which aren´t the right ones for me. Half of them are black/white, so I think I had bought the right ones intuitively. But I have also bought some colourful items – just to have more than just black and white.

Like these two: the left one is citreous and the right one looks like mustard yellow. So, the only one I can wear is citreous but nothing with that orangy yellow undertone. It really makes me look sick.

This method is also perfect for decluttering your wardrobe ;).

I love the colour blue but also some shades of green and just one specific kind of red. Also when I go shopping for new items for my home I head directly for those things I like because of their colours. I like adding some colour to the white couch, or my green curtains or my black picture frames. I have found these two beautiful ideas for a home and I absolutely love them:

Instead, I can´t imagine painting my walls orange or brown. I don´t feel very comfortable around those colours. Therefore I also don´t want them at home. Isn´t that interesting that the season type you are does also affect your surrounding? What about you?

I´m interested in your opinions about this question. So, if you like, leave me a comment down below.

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