A drive through the Bavarian Forest National Park

The Bavarian Forest National ParkFinally, a few days off and right into the woods. 😀 After hard working days (or better said, weeks), I could manage to travel again a bit. It shouldn’t be too far, so I decided to drive into the mountains. A place I haven’t been before. So, best and nearest choice: the Bavarian Forest and it’s national park.

The Bavarian Forest National Park is a national park in the Eastern Bavarian Forest right on Germany’s border with the Czech Republic. The Bavarian Forest forms together with the neighbouring Czech Bohemian Forest the largest continuous area of forest in Central Europe.

This park was the first national park in Germany, by the way, founded in October 1970.
The Bavarian Forest, Bavaria

Trees, colourful flowers and mosses – the national park’s different habitats are a biosphere for thousands of plants. Commonest trees are the spruce and European beech. And the best way to oversee nearly the whole area is from above.
View from the platform of the canopy pathway in the Bavarian ForestFor the first time I’ve been on one of those high treetop towers where you can see down to the treetops 😀 . First impression: astonishing! This one in the pictures is the canopy pathway and the treetop tower near Neuschönau (where you can borrow some binoculars, if you want). The tower is 44 metres high and if you have luck you can even see the Alps far behind (according to weather conditions).

Way to the tree top tower

Architects have created a wonderful wooden tower with a 500 metres long pathway winding through the forest. You could say that you observe the trees from the roots to the treetop. 😉 The wonderful way how the trees in the middle of the ovoid tower were integrated in the building is a showcase project. The whole pathway is, by the way, also accessible for wheelchairs.

Tree top tower in Neuschönau, Bavarian Forest

Why I like it?
First time ever on a treetop tower and not afraid to look down! 🙂 The Bavarian Forest is a place where you can have some restful days – it’s not so overcrowded (like the Alps).

P.S.: If you have never seen a capercaillie – the region’s most characteristic bird – this forest is the right place to discover one. If you are lucky enough 😉 .

To read more, go to the website of the national park.


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