Beautiful reasons to be happy

There are so many beautiful reasons to be happyYES, there are! You just have to open your eyes and see the beauty around you and inside you. πŸ™‚
After phase I, there has to come phase II, right? So, after you choose to be happy you have to go the next step – and that is to be happy. I know it sounds strange. But there is a difference, because after every decision there has to be an action. Without an action you change nothing!
And I don’t mean that kind of fake happyness. I mean the real happyness which comes from inside and makes you smile or even laugh. (Even if it’s silly – never mind!)

Reasons for me to be happy: sunshine in the morning, blossoms in spring, a cute squirrel jumping around in the garden, planning the next holiday trip. And this are just the reasons I had for today!

Or drawing on a breakfast egg πŸ˜€ – super silly… but made me happy.

Creative Easter eggs_happy face_smiling eggAnd yes, it’s my motivational quote for this month. If you want to see my previous ones, click here.
Happyness looks gorgeous on youTo keep that in mind, I’ve created a new illustration πŸ™‚ which I also use as my phone wallpaper β™₯. If you want it too, you can download it here.

So, tell me your reasons to be happy.

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