Bridal bouquet for a spring wedding

daffodil_bridal bouquet (1)This cute bouquet is just right for a spring wedding. You can use it as a bridal bouquet or for your bridesmaids. And it’s also not too expensive – just in case you have a small budget 🙂 .

bridal bouquet for spring weddingYou’ll need:

  • about 20 daffodils
  • some catkin twigs
  • a white tulle ribbon
  • a white ribbon
  • a sharp knife

daffodil_bridal bouquet (2)Firstly, you have to cut the daffodils and the catkin twigs up to the length you want. Secondly, make the bouquet in a round shape and add some catkin twigs. Use the white tulle ribbon and wrap it around the bouquet. You can use a hairpin with a rhinestone to fix the tulle ribbon. But it´s not necessary – I thought it looks prettier.

daffodil_bridal bouquet (4)Afterwards, wrap the white ribbon around and make a bow at the end.

daffodil_bridal bouquet (3)

And that´s all. You see – so easy 🙂 .

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