Chic flower vases for your home

DIY: Chic tiny flower vasesI’m trying to organize my art and craft supplies for the next couple of days and I stumbled upon three tiny empty glass jars I kept for those days. (When you finally do something with that stuff 😀 .) I saw a picture with a sleepy face and red lips, while scrolling through pinterest a few days ago. So, an idea came into my mind to make a sleepy face on the jars.
What you´ll need for the chic tiny flower vasesAll I needed for this simple project were: white, red and black acrylic paint, a small sponge, a thin brush and the jars.

Firstly, you have to use the sponge to apply the white colour on the outside of the jar. Let it dry for around half an hour. Afterwards you can paint the eyes and the red lips.

And voilà – très chic flower vases or tea-light holder. 🙂


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