DIY: “I love you” card with washi tape

I love you_orange washi tape handmade card

Here is the tutorial for the orange craft card from my post about handmade cards to show your love. 🙂

All you’ll need: scissors, different (coloured) washi tapes, a marker and a thicker white craft paper.

Firstly, cut some stripes from the washi tape (~ 3cm) and roll them up like shown in the picture below. You’ll need at least 3mm from the sticky side, so that you can stick the stripe on the paper – one by one.

How to do the washi tape love card_by gardenanddecoration

As last step, write something on the even stuck washi tape (and on the inside, too 😉 ).

Handmade I love you card_by gardenanddecoration

That’s all. Easy, right? You can, of course, vary the colours between the stipes, too. So, go ahead and try it out.

Have a lovely day,

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