DIY: Painted wooden gratitude box

DIY_painted wooden gratitude box_by gardenanddecoration

Today I’d like to show you how you can reuse a simple wooden box. (Mine was used as packaging for a cake.) I wanted to create a nice box where I can store my small notes, I write to myself what I’m grateful for. Therefore, it’s my gratitude box 😉 .

If you’d like to make one for yourself, follow the instructions below – it’s super easy, really. 🙂

So, let’s start with the tools you’ll need:

  • a brush or a sponge
  • your wooden box
  • white acrylic paint and/or other colours
  • washi tape

DIY_what you´ll need for the blue-white painted gratitude box_by gardenanddecoration

You have to start with whitening your box first – it’s the base. Of course, just if you want white to be your base colour. Choose the colour you like. Well, because I wanted a blue-white striped box, I chose blue and white as my colours. And yes, I painted just the outside of the box. But you can paint the inside, too, if you like.

DIY_white painted gratitude box_by gardenanddecoration

Now, if you want a pattern – e.g. stripes – you have to use washi tape for covering up. That means you have to cover up the parts you don’t want to put colour on.

DIY_Painted gratitude box_by gardenanddecoration

Then, paint the gaps with the colour you like. Wait until the colour dries. Just after that happened, you can pull off the washi tape stripes.

DIY_blue-white painted gratitude box_by gardenanddecoration

And if you have overpainted some metallic parts (like my box has) use a cotton bud dipped in water to clean it up.

That’s my diy idea for you today. Go ahead and try it out.

Enjoy your day,

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