DIY project: Upcycled nightstand

Upcycled furniture_nightstand

I got this nightstand and decided to upcycle it, when I have time. So, it took me a week until I finally figured out, what I want to change. First of all, I didn´t like the colour of the wood. It was too dark, which of course was the effect of time. Some wood furnitures get darker by time if you don´t maintain them. And this piece screamed for a fresher look. 😀

Therefore, I took the nightstand outside and used a sander for sanding the surface of the furniture. By doing this you can remove a thin layer, which in my case was the darker wood.

Afterwards, it looked like a brand new piece of furniture. Of course, that was not the last step. As I mentioned before, you have to maintain your wood furniture so that it keeps the colour. Hence I took a dry cloth and dipped it in liquid transparent scumble to apply a protection coat on the wood. Do this in circular motions and put on some more scumble when your cloth is not wet anymore. Repeat the procedure until all parts of the furniture are coated. You can see that the colour gets from bright to a darker shade. But, it´s not really dark – just one shade darker.

Well, to finish this project, I changed the knob (which was broke and made out of wood) with a glass knob. I bought this one two years ago while I was travelling in France and I knew one day I will use it for a piece of furniture. You see, there is no coincidence. 😀

Upcycled furniture_nightstand

So, my friends if you have a piece of furniture which waits to be upcycled, now it´s the time. 😉 Hope you got inspired by this small project (it took me two hours – mostly the sanding).

Have a nice weekend and ´till next time,

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