Do more of what makes you happy

do more of what makes you happyI have read this quote once and it totally hit me – because it´s so true. But it took me some time ´till I really thought about it. I mean thinking about the meaning what´s behind it.
And today was the day: I really wanted to show that change in my thoughts.

Once I learned in a seminar that it´s easier to create a board or a collage to collect all your ideas or your goals. You have to visualize it!
So, I was thinking, what could be the best way to visualize this new goal for me? Well, creating a wall decoration 🙂 .

I used a yellow paper on which I glued the letters from that quote and hung it on the wall.

Therefore, everytime I wake up and go to the living room I see it. When I sit down for breakfast or dinner, I see it. I have it everytime right in front of me and thus I have that in my mind. You can say I have started to make an autosuggestion thing with myself 😀 .

But it worked somehow. Because I have started to ask myself this question every day: Did you do something what made you happy, today? If yes, good on you – if not, why? Why is it so hard to do just one thing to make yourself happy? Even if it´s just a small thing – that doesn´t matter. What matters is that you tried it.

Therefore, I give you this tip: start vizualizing your goals. No matter what it is – just start now!

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