I have found some art treasures ;)

childhood paintingsThey are my own art works I did a lot of years ago – when I was a cute litte child with a lot of imagination (that everything´s possible). I´ve found them while I was doing some housecleaning. Yes, I have kept them all those years! But now, during my “I-have-to-get-rid-of-all-of-my-stuff-because-I-hate-carrying-all-those-boxes-when-moving-to-another-place” phase I also had to let the past behind. And that means my artworks from shool, too. But, I also wanted to preserve them somehow – and thank you to those people who invented the digital camera – I took pictures of my pictures 😀 . (And yes, It´s another time for childhood memories 😉 )

childhood paintingschildhood paintings
And finally, I improved from class 5 😀 .
childhood paintingsAnd my last years at secondary school, where I had chosen Art as one of my main courses.
childhood paintings

So, what about you? What are your best kept childhood memories?

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