Handmade tulip arrangement as present idea

DIY: Tulip present bag_by gardenanddecoration.com

Do you know this problem: you need a present – but there is no way to get one? (E.g. because shops are closed.) So, this was one of those problems. But, I have instantly found the solution. It was just outside – in the garden. 😀

Maybe you are in a same situation and you have the possibility to get some flowers. Try it out! 🙂

What you’ll need for this spring arrangement: tulips, a small gift bag, a knife and a small vase or glass (needs to be smaller than the bag).

Tulips in a present bag_by gardenanddecoration

Firstly, place the vase/glass (half-full with water) inside the bag.

Tulip present by gardenanddecoration

Then, cut the tulips to the length needed. Make sure that the blooms are outside the bag! Arrange the tulips inside the vase.

How to do the tulip present bag_by gardenanddecoration

And voilà – ready to be handed over as a present. 🙂

Tulip present bag_by gardenanddecoration.com

Have a lovely week,

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