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I am a huge fan of innovative, creative and extraordinary ideas 😀 . Therefore, I’ve created a new category: atelier & design news. Here, I will present you some interesting designers, inventors or freethinkers.

The first entrepreneur I want to present you is LIMUNDO – a startup from Munich, which was founded in April 2016. The designer is looking for lighting solutions, e.g. hanging lamps, wall lamps or light boxes for children and also for adults. It was a benefit for him that he worked for more than five years for OSRAM (a lighting manufacturer). Therefore, he has experience in the lighting industry. The brand name LIMUNDO stands for light (LI) and world (MUNDO).

To get to know the designer behind the brand, I aked four personal questions:

Now, let’s see what lovely products LIMUNDO has to offer:

Light boxes

Most of the variety comes with the light boxes. The frame is made of untreated beechwood and the motifs are backlit with LED light.Two lightboxes from Limundo

There are two different sizes for the light boxes. The small ones will be offered with flexible motifs. Therefore, you can change the look of the boxes anytime. The larger light boxes have motifs on the back and the front side. You can use them as a nightstand, a stool or just as decoration object. By the way, the small one will fit in the Ikea trofast frame and the larger one in the kallax shelving unit.

Lightboxes from LimundoIf you are a fan of hanging art, there is also the possibility to hang the small boxes on a wall. How cool is that? 🙂

Mobile lights

Also in the range of LIMUNDO, there are mobile lights like the miracle egg Toby. This multitasking talent offers two different light sources (warm and cold white), has a dimming function, is exterior-proof and can be charged by USB cable.


Ceiling lamps

The ceiling lamps are made with double printed fabric and there are also some products which can be painted with colored pencils. Let you children paint on the preset motif and assemble the light with hook-and-loop fasteners afterwards. There is also the “Be creative” ceiling lamp for the individualist one. With this product you can be your own artist, because it’s a non-printed fabric.

With this variety of products from LIMUNDO you and your kids will never get bored. Bring in some light to your or your child’s room. 🙂

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