New hand illustration “Open up”

Open up_illustration by Maggy_from

Today’s post is for all those of you who think they can’t draw. Please feel inspired by this simple and colourful piece of art. You just need a white paper, a black marker and a lot of colouring pencils. 🙂

Start with drawing the water tap and then the drops. Afterwards, start colouring the water tap with grey colour and then fill out the drops.

Lovely picture to put in a picture frame, or just hang it on the wall like a poster. It will brighten up the room and your mood 😉 .

P.S.: I named this piece of art “Open up”, because I felt inspired to explain myself better. When people tell me to open up and speak more, this is what I do. Full of energy, creativity and passion – everything wants to come out all at once. 😀

Feel inspired to express yourself,

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