Visiting a chocolate seminar & recipe ideas

As a christmas present I got a gift coupon for a chocolate seminar. Finally, I wanted to redeem the voucher and went to the location where the seminar was hold. Firstly, we (the participants) were introduced to chocolate. Especially, how a cocoa bean looks like and how you make chocolate out of it. But, also what the differences are betweent the different cocoa plants around the world and that sugar makes most of the taste.

cocoa beanThis is the inside of a cocoa fruit. It’s really big and the red smushed dots are the beans. They have the size of a nail from a forefinger. And when dried out they get smaller and look like those in the first subdivision of this photography:

After the introduction the fun part started: We had to try out different kinds of chocolate samples created by the chocolatier (Frank Simon). Some were really yummy and others had a very interesting taste (e.g. flavored with frankincense or red pepper). And we could also find out how a 99% cocoa content chocolate tastes like – very interesting! Sugar makes everything. The more sugar, the more sweet and tasteful it gets. And this, of course, makes you be eager for more chocolate. The higher the percentage of cocoa beans are, the more bitter it tastes. But one piece of chocolate is enough – it makes you feel sated.

In the end the brave ones could taste a very interesting piece of chocolate: Grasshoppers dipped in chocolate. But not for me 😀 .


Inspired by the seminar I had, of course, to do a recipe with chocolate 😀 . It should be easy and quick to do. So, what about hot chocolate?

You’ll need:
– 100 ml milk
– 100 ml whipped cream
– 75 g dark chocolate (at least more than 70% cocoa content)
– Marshmallows and caramel syrup

Step 1: Warm the milk and the cream over low heat.
Step 2: Mince the chocolate in tiny pieces.
Step 3: Dissolve the chocolate pieces in the milk-cream mixture.
Step 4: Fill in the hot chocolate in a glass and decorate it with some Marshmallows and add caramel syrup.

Enjoy 🙂

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