7 ways to freshen up your home for spring

How to freshen up your home for spring

Springtime is cleaning time. Ok, maybe not for everyone. 😀 But at least, for some people out there who like to freshen up their homes after the cold winter season. Bring in some colour, get rid of clutter and start your spring-cleaning.

Well, I am one of those who start cleaning out their homes just when the first flowers start to be full in bloom. 😀 I take that as a sign. 😉 So, today I want to give you seven tips how you can freshen up your home for spring and start a new season. So, let’s get started.

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👉 Declutter your home

Yikes, you might think. But, this is number one rule when it comes to a fresh start. Get rid of items which are broke, which doesn’t fit you anymore, which you keep just for keepings sake. Think about all the empty space you have afterwards. 🙂 You can make three piles – a method I use every time I declutter: keep, donate/sell and throw away. And yes, you should do this method for each room. You don’t have to do it in one day! Try one room on a weekend. Or, if you don’t have time enough for that, try to do a 365 day challenge out of it.
(Want to get some inspiration, click here, to get to post about the surprising challenge.)

Cluttered closet with too many clothes

👉 Clean your home

Yes, it might not be your favourite part of all this freshen-up-thing, but it’s one of the most important ones. Here you can also use the method one room per week – it’s stressless. I like to start with vacuum-cleaning and dusting. It’s the worst thing for me (allergy). Quick tip for doing this: open the windows in the room while handling the dust.
Then I like to organize and rearrange things I want to keep. Or, bring in new decoration items.
And the last step: clean the windows. (That’s my favourite part! 😀 )

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👉 Move some furniture

😀 Well, maybe not the heavy one. At least the nightstand, small cupboards, chairs or even the bed. I like to do this regularly. It’s like being in a different room (depending how many furniture you moved 😀 ).

👉 Bring in some fresh air

Well, after the winter season your home needs some fresh air, too. During the cold season we tend to keep everything cozy and closed. Now, when it gets warmer outside you can bring in the fresh air. Therefore, open all your windows at the same time – for at least half an hour.

(If it gets too drafty, wear a hat. I feel it in my ears when it’s too drafty at home. And with the hat, I still can be at home and do other stuff while fresh air comes in. 😉 )

👉 Redecorate and change the bedding

I know you do this maybe at least once per month. But, here in Europe you have winter and well the other bedding. 😀 So you can use your airier fabrics and blankets. Also a thing to do, redecorating. Change the colour palette from a cozy one to a brighter and more colourful one. Spring’s here, bring in some colour!

Change to colourful bedclothes

Colorful geometric wall decorationIf you like to try this DIY idea out, click here to read more on my blogpost.

👉 Bring in some greenery

If you don’t have already plants in your home, this is the right time to bring in some greenery. There is a variety you can choose from. Just green leaves? Maybe cactus? Or blooming plants? Yes, you can have it all. There are also some plants out there which need just a low maintenance. So, perfect for those who don’t have a green thumb. 😉

And here’s a quick tip for plant friends: When you do the big house cleaning, don’t forget to get the dust off the leaves. Use a dry cloth and gently remove the dust. Or, put the plants with smaller leaves (e.g. the one below) into your shower – for just a few seconds. Then let it sit until the water drops dripped off.

Green plant in the living room

👉 Flowers, flowers and more flowers

Lastly, bring in some fresh flowers. There’s nothing more mood-lifting as a flower bouquet. Spring’s full of different flowers and colours. And even smells. If you like good smelling flowers, try lilies of the valley, peonies or lilacs.

Colourful flower bouquet in the living room
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These are my simple tips for you to bring in the spring. Which one do you like most? Or maybe you have other simple spring-cleaning tips? Leave a comment below.


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