Bathroom hacks you should know

Bathroom hacks

Spring cleaning and you need some easy tips for your bathroom? Here are some, I´ve tried out. They really work 🙂 .

Bathroom hacksThe best way and also a ecofriendly one, is to use vinegar. For those tough stains you can use some toilet paper and soak it up with vinegar, wrap it around the valve and wait for 30 minutes. Afterwards rinse it off with some hot water and wipe it with a dry cloth.

You can also use vinegar for cleaning the toilet, especially to get rid of the calcification where the water gets out.

Bathroom hacksThis is an easy tip to get the built up residue off of your shower head. Just tie a bag filled with vinegar around your shower head and leave it there over night. It will clean everything off with no work.

Bathroom hacksSimply, by using a lemon and rubbing against the stains. It will shine afterwards 🙂 .

Bathroom hacksPrevent rust stains by putting a coat of nail polish on the bottom of metal cans you keep in the shower.

Bathroom hacksPour a bit of all purpose cleaner in the bottom of your toilet brush holder. The cleaner disinfects the brush and it also leaves your bathroom smelling fresh.

Bathroom hacksOr, you could put a few drops of essential oil on the inside of your toilet paper roll. Each time the roll spins, it smells a little fresher 😉 .

Bathroom hacksPut some hot water and salt in the toilet and wait for 5 minutes and flush it out with water.

Bathroom hacksPut some drops of vinegar in a glass with hot water and wait for around one hour. The toothbrush will look like it´s nearly new.
Bathroom hacks

Bathroom hacks

Maybe some of you also have the problem that you don´t know how often you should clean your bathroom or other stuff which are in the bathroom. Therefore, I´ve found some easy tips to solve this puzzle 😉 .

THE TOILET: Once a week. You can put on some disposable gloves to clean it up, a disinfectant spray and a cloth (or I just use toilet paper) to clean the exterior and the interior. Let the cleanser sit for 10 minutes before you use the toilet brush for scrubbing.

THE BATH TOWELS: Once a week – if you let them dry out after every use (e.g. hang them over a heater or a clothesline. Use just half the amount of detergent when you wash them, otherwise too much soap will make them less fluffy. And really don´t use the fabric softener (it´s not worth it).

THE WASHER/DRYER: Once per month. It is known that washers and dryers harbour bacteria (e.g. E.coli and Salmonella). Therefore, set the machine to its highest level and also hottest temperature and let the machine run through its cycle. In the end wipe it clean.

Bathroom hacks~ You can save 8 litres of water each time, just by not pre-flushing before cleaning the toilet.

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