Between tulip fiels in the Netherlands

Tulip fields in the Netherlands

This is a brief reminder for those out there who struggle with working out their dreams. I know, it’s not always easy to realise your dreams. Well, let me tell you my story about tulips and the Netherlands. It is a short one, I promise. 😀

I had the dream of staying/laying between a tulip field, since I first saw that something like that really exists (and that’s over 15 years now). So, for years I dreamed about one day I will be there. And I had imagined how it will look like, smell like, what colours I will see and how I will pose in front of the camera. I had that picture in my head.

And still, for years I didn’t manage to get there. There was always something else which was more “important”. Of course, there are more important things than a tulip field. The thing is, I pushed it away year after year and still saying to myself … one day… And the funniest thing was, it would have been so easy to achieve. Because, living in Germany meant “just” crossing one border. 😀

Pink tulip field in the Netherlands

Well, to shorten it up. On this day, but two years ago, my dream came true. I managed to get to my dream tulip fields. It was a bit of an odyssey, though: train, bus, bike and on foot. An epic backpack journey. And all that just to find the beautiful tulip fields. 🙂 Was it worth it? Totally!

Because from that day one I had proofed to myself: dreams/wishes come true. No matter how long it will take, no matter how your plan looks like. In the end it will lead you there. It’s doable.

Well, what did I learn from this experience? First, don’t wait too long! When you want it – start at least with the first step. Figure out how you can get there, make a plan and execute.
Secondly, even if it’s not the 100% you wanted – at least 80%. And 80% is more than nothing!

So my friends, start today realising your dreams and wishes and please don’t wait too long.

All the best,

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