Colorful DIY ideas to try out

Colorful confetti on a table
Over the last while I got in a mood of a special need: fibrant and colorful colors. 😀 I don’t want to wear black and white all the time and I want to surround myself with more color. So, I came up with some lovely DIY ideas to maybe inspire you, too.


Colorful garland made with different washi tapes
The first idea came into my mind when I tried to organize my washi tape collection. 😀
I wanted to create a tiny garland to hang around in my room. So, I used my different colored washi tapes, apair of scissors and a white thread.

Washi tapes, pair of scissors and white thread on floor
Cut out as many stripes from the washi tapes as you like. Take the thread and stick the ends of the stripes together by leaving some gaps between each stripe. Now cut out a shape of a flag. There you go…a tiny flag garland 🙂 .

Colorful hanging garland in a room
For this idea you’ll need a pair of scissors, different colored papers, a white thread and Sellotape. You can cut out the flags in any shape you want and use some Sellotape stripes to fix the thread with the paper.

Colored papers, white thread and Sellotape on a white table

This garland is also easy to do. You just have to cut small stripes out of colorful paper. Take the first stripe and glue the ends together. Afterwards, take a second stripe and put it through the first stripe and glue it’s ends together. Repeat the procedure. 🙂

Colorful paper garland

Wall decoration

Colorful geometric wall decoration
Here is a cool wall decoration idea I did for my living room. If you want to try it out, go to my post to read more.

Tiny decoration objects

Paper hearts in a bowl
This is a really cute DIY idea you can also make as a gift for someone special 🙂 . Or, you can just decorate your home with them. Interested how you can make these origami hearts, too? Here‘s my blogpost.

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