DIY: Easter bunny drawing for your wall

DIY: Drawn happy Easter bunny_illustration

The last couple of days I was (and still am) redecorating and rearranging my room. Of course, pictures can’t be missed out. I wanted to fill a gap on one side of the walls with a picture – but not spending hours creating one. Yeah, lazy day, I know. 😀

Well, I had a small spare white canvas and five minutes to do something with it. I took a carbon pencil as drawing material. I wanted a really simple motif for my picture. And because Easter time is approaching us, I found a bunny picture is just perfect. 🙂

So, If you want to recreate this picture, you’ll just need a canvas and a pencil/crayon or black marker. You’ll finish it in two steps. Draw the outline first (head and ears) and then the eyes and the snout.

Voilà, finished artwork. 🙂

DIY: Drawn happy Easter bunny_illustration


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