DIY idea for your kitchen with wall decal

DIY idea: Kitchen tiles wall decal

Recently, I stood in the kitchen and thought to myself: I haven’t done a lot of kitchen projects in the last couple of months. So, I started with a wall decal idea for the kitchen tiles.

All you need for such a decoration idea are:

– a pair of scissors
– black craft paper or self-adhesive blackboard foil
– double-faced adhesive tape

Cook wall decal_what you´ll need for the kitchen tiles wall decal
Of course you can use self-adhesive blackboard foil instead of paper. But my foil doesn’t stick anymore (so I need to buy a new one) and therefore I used paper. 😉

Firstly, you cut the letter out of the paper/foil. Then, stick some small stripes of the double-faced adhesive tape on the back side of the paper and remove the part which is not sticking. Or just remove the non-sticking foil from the blackboard foil.

Cook wall decal_how to do_wall decal for your kitchen

Last step: Stick the letters on your tiles. 😀 Yes, be aware that you can’t stick the paper letters near your stove or sink. Otherwise it can get wet.

Cook_wall decal idea for your kitchen
That’s all – super easy and fast, right? Let’s see what ideas you come up with.


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