DIY: Marbleous upcycled tray

DIY_Marbleous upcycled tray_by

Today’s DIY idea is inspired by a previous upcycling idea I did a couple of weeks ago. I still had some leftovers from that marble vinyl adhesive when I found this tray – yes, on the street. Crazy what people want to throw aw ay. It was in good condition and I took it with me. 😀 I am a big fan of reusing and upcycling. Therefore, I thought about giving that bamboo tray a new look by adding some marble.

All you need for this easy DIY project:
– a pair of scissors
– vinyl adhesive with a marble look (or something different)
– your tray

DIY: What you´ll need for the marbleous tray_by

Before you start, give the tray a clean out with a wet cloth and let it dry.

Use the measurements, which are usually on the back side of the vinyl adhesive, to measure out how much you have to cut. If there are no measurements use a ruler or measuring tape to guide you.

Then, cut out how much you need for the inside. Lay the vinyl adhesive with the sticky side down on the tray and strike the surface with your hand. By doing this, you get rid of the air bubbles.

DIY_Marbelous tray_steps

And this is pretty all what you need to do to create a marbleous tray. 😉

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