DIY: Painted wooden welcome sign

Wooden diy welcome sign_by

“Welcome to my home” – that’s what this sign literally says. 🙂 It has a happy, friendly and welcoming vibe and I wanted to show you this idea I created to greet guests.

Super easy to do by yourself, because all you need is a piece of wood, white paint and a black marker.

You don’t even have to buy a new wooden piece, you could reuse something you want to throw away. I used an old piece of board and painted it over with white colour.

Wooden diy welcome sign_by

Let it dry until next day. Then you can think about what font type you want to use for the “welcome”. I like the handwritten style and used my handwriting for it. 😉 Afterwards you can choose if and what you want to draw around the letters. I love nature and because the theme of the room is greenery and plants, I chose a plant theme.

So, if you want to greet your guest with such a lovely sign, go ahead and try it out.

Wooden diy welcome sign_by

Have a wonderful week,

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