DIY: Easter floral wreath for your door

DIY for Easter: floral wreath

If I could surround myself with flowers every day, I would do it. 😀 So, what a great idea for this spring to create a floral wreath for your door. In front of my window there is a huge yellow forsythias shrub and I thought maybe I could use some twigs for a floral wreath. A word and a blow.

You could of course use different flowers for your wreath. You’ll also need two different types of floral wire (a thick and a thin one).

DIY_floral wreath_what you´ll need

First step is to form a ring out of the thinner wire and twine the ends back around the wire to secure it. You can form small or big rings with this wire, depending what you prefer.

DIY_floral wreath_step one_wire wreath

Afterwards, take one twig and lay it on top of the wire ring. Now, use the thinner wire to bundle the twig with the wire ring. Repeat this procedure with each twig.

DIY_floral wreath_step two_floral wreath

And here is the finished floral wreath:

DIY_floral wreath_finished wreath

To add something special, I used a yellow ribbon and some tiny wooden toys to give this wreath a playful touch.

Finished floral wreath


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